Hi Dave,

Just thought you may appreciate a message letting you know that your lawn bowls hypnosis CD’s have continued to help me immensely over the course of the 2018/19 bowls season, which has been my first full season since taking up bowls, and continue to be what I regard as my “Secret Weapon”  So If I may, I’d just like to share with you what I am proud to have achieved this season, with undeniably, a LOT of help from your CD’s.

For a sufferer of Bipolar, to be able to stay as calm and focused under extreme pressure as I do, and perform at my absolute peak, is nothing short of amazing, and something I have never had in ANY sport in the past, before discovering your Hypnosis Cd’s.

 I honestly can’t thank you enough Dave, your CD’s have been a Gods send, and an invaluable part of my recipe for success, and I strongly believe without them, I would not have won the state championship.



I get a lot of good reports  from players using my  recordings.  Below is a summary of the  latest from Ryder Byrnes.  Another example of hypnosis making you the very best that you can be.
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