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Why Choose Aero

It is an easy question to answer:

Aero offer a range of models to suit all conditions, varying greens and most importantly the PREFERRED grass line.

Those that prefer a tight line may opt for a Turbo Pro while a player preferring a wide line may choose the Defiance model. There are a total of 5 different trajectories so there is one to fit the needs of every player.

Grips - Aero offer 4 different grips.

Plain Rings                  Aero Dentations              Aero Zig - Zag                Aero Z - Scoop


Apart from the usual sizes of 00 - 5   Aero also offer a full range of half sizes. It is so important to have the best possible fit to your hand and half sizes allows every bowler to achieve just that.

Colours - Aero offer an amazing range of colours including duo and trifecta options.

Logos - A great range of logos including an option to use your own design.

Made in Australia - How lucky are we to have  world class bowls like these made right here in Australia produced on precision machinery, guaranteed to produce the same grass line every time. No other bowl manufacturer in the world will match the Aero guarantee.

Head on over to Aero for more information Click Here    

When you purchase a set of bowls direct from me you also get the bonus

pack below  valued at $63.90

(1) Bowls Polishing Sock  $18

(2) Tube of Grippo  $8.00

(3) Akos’s Bowls Cloth $17.95

(4) Better Bowler Hypnosis Recording $19.95

Call me to place your order on 0408 845 126